Tuesday, June 8

The Farewell Party at Green Hill Day.2

Hello come back again with my story at Grenn Hill. Well after the Freakin Night Party done (uhm i thought it was about 1.40 am) we're been so tired and went back to our villas. me with ♥TOMISSINACHY slept on the 3rd floor together hahaha we're 13 girls slept together at one room (imagine that crazy moment -- we did it because we're to afraid to sparate haha trully we're afraid about the ghost hihi :P).
i was between Tifa and Tasya, but late at early morning (about 2.30 am) I was surprised because Tifa hug me tight so i woke up then couldn't sleep again huh, then i picked my cellphone and trying to open Twitter and send some tweet and meet Ka Upa and Ka Tya there in the very early morning (Y). Then i felt so cold till my fingers became an ice (haha thats over but i'm true that was so cold). Then at about 4.30 i was waking up everyone to 'SOLAT SHUBUH" but no one woke uhm that was...... incridible they're too lazy to wake up. Then i ask Tifa too go out to find some hot hocolate or coffee, but there's nothing outside. No one's went out the villas huh.

Then at about 6.30 we had a trip to climbed the hill, it made me so afraid because the soil was wet and slippery , first we had to walk trough up and down then this is the part that made me feel so tired huh WENT UP THE STAIRS!!!!!! till we found a way that forced us to be afraid. But with my courage and strength, i reached the top of the hill! That made me proud. Look at the pics that took at the top of the hill.

Look! How high we stood at the hill

Me with the brown t-shirth and Emil with the with t-shirt
That was my tired face

Me with the brown t-shirth and Emil with the with t-shirt
Look at the mountains behind us, be-a-u-ti-ful

After hat, we had to go down with the same way, and several times i fell down and it made my back pants full  with soil ewh. But it was my own satisfaction, could climb the high hill and down the hill safely. Then everyone bought the ice cream to eliminate their fatigue. And look at our shoes after up and down the hill.

Our dirty shoes after fighting with the hill

Meifi shoes (purple) - My shoes (white or brown with the dirt lol)

We called it 'ULAT BULU' hehe

The next activity was.....CARROT HARVEST! yeah that was my first time to do it. Everyone pick many carrots but i just pick some and gave it to my teacher because it just a fun when we take out the carrots from the soil land above. And it's just random pics

Meifi, hey the carrots!

Me! I was very glad to got that carrots

After that we went back to the villas to took a bath, and ofcourse we had to walk trough up and down huh that's so tired.

And some guys took a billiard time after we arrived at the villas area

Look at that pants! Indeed, i thought he fell several times hahaha

Then everyone took a bath and packed their stuff and we went to Bandung to bought something. At the mid trip, my bus (bus 5) have a new joke. That was two people (we thought their are a couple) beside the street and they act like they're in a drama (unfortunately, no one took their pics). The girl stand in front of the boy then we thought that the boy say 'i'm sorry hunny'. Then the girl fixed in her position and wouldn't turning her body back to talk with the boy, then the boy hug her (uuuuh so sweet). Then................. a big wall stand beside our bus and didn't let us to see the couples, after several minutes we saw they're flirting each other (uuuh that's really really sweet). We thought that the girl has forgiven her boyfriend. And the bus continued the trip. Haha everyone in the bus really really LAUGH OUT LOUD when see that couples. hahahahahahahahaha

After Bandung, we continued to came back to Jakarta. And we arrived at 8.30 in Jakarta.




is that enough love to you guys? #THIRFORCE


Saturday, June 5

The Farewell Party at Green Hill Day.1

Hello it's been a long time since the last post, hmm well i just wanna share my farewell at Green Hill Cipanas do you know it? i hope you know it cause it's so beautiful there.
First, at about 6.30 am i went to school with my mom cause i brought many things, then arrived at school and met all of my friends THIRFORCE. That day i wore plain white t-shirt so i can asked my friends to put their sign in my t-shirt. Well, just in a few minutes my back got full of signs :)
Look when theyu put on a sign in my back

Gina - Me 
at the behind were Eki and Indana, the give a sign :D

After that, we all had to do the ceremony and pray before we go. But you have to know that we did't even thought abi=out the ceremony we just took some photograps there lol

I made a love symbol in her cheek, the i take a photo with her face anyone like it? :D

Me - Tifa - Vera
we took a photo when the ceremony was on haha lol 

Vera - Me - Meifi - Tifa - Dwi - Deko
This photo took when the ceremony

That's so much fun than the ceremony :) okay, next we got to go to the bus, my bag is too heavy so i was very tired to took it the bus. I was with the bus number 5 with ♥ANSAMBLE♥→my class. We got so much fun in the bus, i took a seat with gina and seranty in front of us they are rizka, putri, and dhydhy, and i was so happy because JAZZEVE sat around me ♥♥ 
But in the way, our bus got flat tire in the 'jalan tol' and felt the bus going vibrate until the bus stop and we went out the bus. But no one felt afraid haha lol, everyone took a picture outside cause the sun was so beautiful so we're afraid if we didn't take any pictures lol. Okay take a look at our picture 

This is inside the bus

Seranty - Me - Gina

Seranty - Me

Me - Gina

Me - Gina

Rizka - Putri - Seranty - Me - Gina
gina's face was crop when rizky took the picture
Alwan - Raden

Putri - Rizka - Dhydhy

Ardhan - Rizky - Ivan - Ical

Dhydhy - Putri - Rizka

Dhydhy - Seranty - Me

Ical - Aboy

Me - Gina

Seranty - Me - Gina

Putri - Seranty - Me - Rizka

Aboy- Raden - Rizky

This is us ♫♪ANSAMBLE♪♫ (just some part) 

haha truly i'm laugh out loud of this guys!

Putri - Seranty
I took this pic beside the toll roads

Me - Rizka

Dhydhy - Gina

It's me hehe

Putri - Me
I love that clouds ☺








Mr.Saragi and Me 
haha this is my Indonesian teacher at 8 grade

We're with Mr. Saragi

It's me :)

We're on the bus about 3 hours till we arrived at Green Hill Resort. There, me my my best TOMISSHIINACHY went to the 'vila' with the small car served there. We're 13 girls in the same 'vila' for two days that's funtastic! Just take a look at the vila, it looks like a barbie house (Y) and we took some photos too behind the house.


This is the swimming pool at green hill

Look, the villas are beautiful

The grass is so fresh there

Now look inside of our villas
The living room! so red

The pantry is here

The vintage dining table! so natural 

The family room

3 floor! look at that stirs! just like a barbie house ♥it

Mia - Dwi - Me - Seranty - Vera

with the glasses: Mia - Indira - Dwi - Me




Seranty - Tifa - Mia

Indira with the camera

This Rara ;)

After we tidy up our stuff at our rooms, we had lunch and went outbound. That's a little fun because we couldn't try all of the games. I was with the 15th group with eki, fauzan, rizqi, ade sarah, syifa, and defri. The first game, we had to took and put the eel into a bucket (each group got one bucket). A lot of groups got so many eels but my goup just got 1 eel haha lol that's so funny. Then we must fishing without the fishing equipments. So i stand beside the pound and Eki took the fish inside the pound, uuuuuh the pound was full of mud (euuuh). Then took a seat beside the walk climbing area because i'm so tired. Then to reduce my boredom, I asked Alwan to accompanied me to saw the dog, at the first time I thought it's a Pittbull dog but in fact it's an ... uhm i forgot what kind is this dog but the owner told me that the dog named is TIMO. Then I had time to try the Flying Fox but it didn't made me afraid because the height is just about 10 meters tall. After that, I came back to the 'vila' to took a bath because the smell is so bad and my shoes got to be full of mud. 

Yussanti - Nina - Rara
Look at the plates

Yummy! the lunch was so delicious and the view was awesome

Arden - Dwi


Meifi - Tifa - Me - Mia
This is our face after lunch, so satisfied

back to childhood


Me, love the clouds!


At the outbound area :)

Me - Meifi - Emil - Indira - Seranty - Dwi - Tifa - Mia

uuuuh i'm so envy cause i want to walk at this wall but I was at the vila uhm


Kevin and some other guy played football

Amay - Mr. Martin
hahahahahahaha that's so much funny

Eki - Tifa 
The new couple! longlast friend

Rizky - Alwan - Raden
Look they're too tired after the outbound

At night, yeah this is the prom. There're 2 event for prom: the formal party and freakin night. I am too tired to tell you what happened at that night so just look at the pic

Hana - Emil - Kiki
look so beautiful

Emil - Vera - Fani - Imam - Tasya - Mia - Hana - Ranty - Kiki - Indira

Faqih - Alwan -Sura
They waited for the girls :) at the terrace of our villa u,u thankyou

Me - Kiki - Ranty - Indira - Dwi - Tasya- Ical - Meifi - Emil - Tifa - Hana - Mia

Syifa - Dinar - Indana - Kevin - Adul - Meifi - Gendis - Me - Tifa - Eki
and Dito under adul

Me - Dhydhy - Gina - Meifi - Raden - Putri - Rizka - Rara - Ilma -Rizky - Nina - Santi - Ical
Me- Dhydhy - Gina - Meifi Raden - Putri - Ilma - Rizka - Rara - Rizky - Nina - Santi - Ical

Me - Dhydhy - Gina - Meifi - Raden - Putri - Rizka - Rara - Ilma -Rizky - Nina - Santi - Ical

Dhydhy - Putri - Rizka - Raden - Rizky - Gina

Raden - Rizky - Santi - Nina - Rizka - Dhydhy - Gina - Ical

Ilma - Me - Raden - Rizky - Santi - Nina - Rizka - Dhydhy - Gina - Ical

Putri - Me

Gina - Rizky -Dhydhy

Dhydhy - Me - Gina - Putri - Rizka
The jazzeve girls

Ical - Gina


All Star Mosque

Raden - Uci - Me
we got the trophy with the 3 highest score

Raden - Uci - Me - Ardhan
we got the trophy with the 4 highest score

Some other guys take a billiard time at night 

And now these are the freakin night!

Djamin (The Evil)

Mrs. Gultom and the ghost

seranty (vintages!)

Emil (so pinky)

Indira - Mia - Fani

Kiki - Seranty

Meifi (colorful sock)

Putri - Rizka 
This is awesome

Meifi and Adul

Fatimah (tergokil)

This is the best makeup

Putri - Rizka 
This is awesome

Dhydhy - Rizka


Gina - Rizka

Rizka - Dhydhy

Rizka - Dhydhy - Gina

Dhydhy ( i love the facedeco)


Lita - Dhydhy

Rizka - Putri

Yeah that's the day one, I can't tell about all of things that happened there because there're a lot of enough. That's the best farewell day and night ever. Hope you like the photos, bye now just wait to the story of the second day!. PS: i have an adorable story for you guys at the top of Green Hill ;)

 LOVE ♥,