Sunday, May 9


Yesterday, i went to an event that called LABS PROJECT 2010. Its the first time i get there and i'm so proud of that school could made a big event like that. Well, that day is my holiday u,u after the complicated test. Went there with my best Seranty, Dhy, Rizka, and there we met Gina, Rival, Alwan, Farisi, Faridz, and Roni.

In the opening, I saw a weird band that i didn't know until this band called Legna, then after they sang 2 songs, i just realized that their bassist is so awesome and handsome his name is Bryan. I stare at his eyes until their 5th songs, and it's true he looked at me too everytime then I expect that he got nervous when i look at his eyes lol. But I didn't take any picture of him becase i'm so amazed about him. 3 words for him awesome handsome charming u,u love ya Bryan.  But I have a picture of him then maybe you'll admire him too hihi.

am I ryt? he is so handsome!! you must see him when he play the bass. It's so hot ♥♥ and he throw something for me! can you guess it guys??????
His guitar pick look at this

I'm so happy ☺☺ love ya love ya 

Next, I still at the front of stage and I didn't know there's so many people behind me, and they waited for Superglad , I didn't know that band and I regret to be there because they are so annoying 'rusuh banget'. Okay escape, i don't wanna tell that noise.
I was so tired when I waited for Maliq&d'essentials l so I went to the chair on the top of room. But surprisingly when i have talked with Gina...............................
Uh nooo there's Maliq&d'essentials so I said "Gin, kita cuma ketinggalan satu lagu ayooo maju(nekat)" then I go downstirs and get in to the crowded people and finally we almost reached the front of stage and we sang togheter with all people. And then Arya Aditya Ramadhya a.k.a Lale walk to front of stage and play the guitar solo, that was so amazing!!!!
This is some pictures

Lale with his best performance

Angga you'r handsome!

Then after that I tried to get out from the front stage because i'm so afraid of the fans of The S.I.G.I.T. And I went home uuu so tired but soooooo satisfied. 

 LOVE ♥,

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