Friday, May 27

Random Photograph(s)

Hey it's been very looooong time! No time for blogging, busy at school, focus on study, tryin to get the science class -oh my god this so hard-, busy for new hobbies read: novel, but check this you'll find why do i left this blog :p. Nah, not leaving but enjoying somewhatnew activity. And it's truly......awesome!!!! Well just wanna share you some pictures that i took, just random it from my documents, Enjoy then

Me- awkward 

The bracelet

Vintage timepiece-
from mom

Myfirst cupcake 
yummy :9 even lil bit....

16th birthday gift
lots of thanks!



my eyelid

15th birthday present
thankyou berry lovesmoochugs

The eyeshadow

My hair 

Two kids 
Dina's neighbour

This is what i've said before

Just another novel

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