Monday, April 5

Yearbook 9th grade 09/10

Well, last month my class went to TMII to create a yearbook photo. Initially, my class would take some Disney theme, but it turned into Fashion Street. If on schedule, my class should have it on Saturday, but it turned into Sunday because of my homeroom teacher (Mr. Selamet) couldn't come on Satusday. Then, we should also took photograph at the place that he said, TMII. Even at the early, we decided to took the photograph around the South Jakarta. But we all have to agreed, although we weren't so agree.

On the day, we had to succumb to the class 9f because that day was their schedule. So we should be waiting for over 5 HOURS!  Can you imagine guys? 5 HOURS okay once again OVER 5 HOURS!!, and the girls in my class were all wearing heels.

Initially, we were fine in the parking lot waiting for 9f done (everyone that passeth definitely see the direction we are). But eventually we got bored, and some of kids decided to have lunch at a restaurant that available there. After several hours of waiting, we finally got our turn to take pictures. Then, my group's turn first. We took pictures in front of a museum, above the railroad tracks to be exact. Unfortunately, our photos lost there so I can not show you.

But there are a few photos while we waiting, enjoy ☺

The lovely 9e

Top left-->right : adit, ranty, lita me, gina, dhydhy, putri, rizky, alwan
Bottom l-->r : lita, dhydhy, rizka, putri, me

The guys

Mr. Selamet our homeroom teacher

Me - Fatimah

Me - Rifky a.k.a 'ucil'
How funny is that photo? it's been a limited guys! haha lol

Putri - Me

This girl is beautiful and stylish, isn't that true?

Ranti - Rizka - Dhydhy
It looks like a stair ☺

Take a look at 9e's couple!

Nina - Alwan
Isn't that sweet? hwhwhw

Rizka - Adit
They're not a couple yet, but it's soon. Just pray for them guys!

Putri - Rizky
Oh be calm guys! (dea and lulu), they're not a couple just friends haha, they've got their own girl/boyfriend

Faisal - Ilma
Oh this is not a couple too, haha I'm just kidding

And the last, guess who are they?

Ciaoo, with love


  1. uuuuuuu 9e <3
    tapi tir post lo terakhirnya........................ -,-

  2. 9e love love <3
    eh eh , itu yg foto anak cowonya , jakunnya alwan ga nahaaaan -__-

  3. miss that moment so much <3 haha
    unforgetable, apalagi capeknya --"
    oh ya, follow blog ekeeeee