Wednesday, May 13


I know that must be hard, but now i know that i just can accept what happened to me and all things in my freaking life (exactly).

I know that i have been too calm and too patient with anything anyone any any any any and more in my live.
I know that i have no brave no power to tell them how i feel

I know that they just said "i'm changed i'm so freaky i'm too arrogant i'm not with them again but they don't know what i mean. I just want to FREE i just want to have many LOVE i just want to have a TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE PEOPLE in my life.

I know that you don't care me you have a best people but i don't.

But now i try to reached it i try to face it. I think it will make me better

It don't belive that it have been worse than before. Everything lost in my life.

One people that i trust before, find a new life new friend and i am like a trashy (what the hell)

It's enough for me. It's so close enough to make me so down. And now i just want to trust my self and my self.

Overall, have no friends have no life is what i feel now :D
And i think i must be strong to face it

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